Tenant's Insurance

Tenants, renters, or contents insurance is for people who don’t own the home they live in. It’s designed to protect the belongings you keep in a space which isn’t yours, whether that be a flat, house, student accommodation, or other type of dwelling. It’s not a legal requirement, so it’s completely up to you to decide whether you need it. It’s something to consider if you wouldn’t be able to afford replacements in the event of a fire, flood, or theft. The cost of tenant's insurance varies based on the amount of cover you need, the type of cover you select, the location of the rented property, and the overall value of the contents you’re insuring.

When you’re renting a property, you don’t need to worry about insuring the building (that’s the responsibility of the landlord or freeholder), but you might want to think about damage you might accidentally cause to their property, fixtures, or fittings. This is known as tenants or occupier’s liability cover, and you should check your policy to make sure this is included.

Typically, on a tenants insurance policy, you'd have the following cover:


Not Covered ✘

Theft: Compensation for stolen or damaged belongings due to burglary or attempted break-in. Wear and Tear: Gradual damage over time from regular use or mechanical breakdowns.
Fire: Coverage for belongings damaged by accidental fires. Lost or Misplaced Items: No coverage for items that are lost without a specific incident.
Storms and Weather Damage: Recovery costs for contents damaged in a storm. Possessions Outside the Home: Not all policies cover items taken outside the home, including the garden.
Flooding: Coverage for belongings damaged by floodwaters. High-Value Items: Items over the single-item value limit must be declared separately for coverage.
Burst Pipes and Water Leaks: Claims for water damage from burst pipes or leaks, excluding damage from poor maintenance. Business Contents: Items used for business purposes require separate business contents insurance.
Vandalism: Coverage for malicious damage to your possessions. Negligence: Damage or theft due to failure to secure the property.
Alternative Accommodation: Covers the cost of short-term accommodation and storage if your rental property becomes uninhabitable due to damage. Unoccupied Homes: Lack of coverage if the property is left unoccupied for extended periods (typically 30 days or more).
Tenants Liability Cover: Protection against accidental damage to your landlord’s property, including legal costs for disputes. Poor Workmanship: Costs for repairing or fixing defective workmanship are not covered.


It's also worth checking out our page on Optional Extras to see the additions you can put on your policy - get yourself protected today.

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