Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance is essential for a lot of car-related businesses. It covers companies for using vehicles in everyday operations, especially when customer vehicles are in their care, custody, or control. Whether you're self-employed, part-time, or run a large company, motor trade insurance is essential to protect your business against claims and cover you for the risks of handling customer vehicles.

This type of insurance is generally quite flexible, potentially covering all of your employees alongside the vehicles they have access to, so that even new staff members are protected. As you can imagine, policies vary depending on the insurer, but there’s usually an arrangement out there which will cover exactly what you need. Research the policies so you know what’s covered, the level of protection you get, and any exclusions which might cause hiccups down the road.

If your business is involved with vehicles, the chances are you’ll need this type of cover. Examples of auto traders working in the UK include:

  • Car dealers
  • Mechanics
  • Breakdown and/or recovery firms
  • Body repair shops
  • Firms selling and/or fitting vehicle parts and accessories, including tyres
  • Garages offering MOTs and servicing
  • Car valeting businesses
  • Valet parking services
  • Vehicle delivery firms
  • Vehicle repossession businesses
  • Car restorers
  • Scrap yards
  • Any other businesses that have care, custody and control of vehicles

You might find you also need combined motor trade insurance, which is suited for more complex automotive businesses. Combined motor trade insurance is there to cover stock, portable tools, machinery, and business interruption (depending on the nature and size of the business).

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Just some of the great motortrade insurance brands included

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