Cheap Family Travel Insurance

At we know how important your family is and we understand that you want to keep them safe when going on holiday. That's why our family travel insurance policies comprehensively cover you and your children for all those unforseen accidents that can occur when holidaying in the sun.

Just some of the great travel insurance brands included

Direct Travel Fit2travel Holidayinsurance Allsafe Top Dog Fit4 Travel

We also are aware how expensive it can be to go on holiday with the whole family and that's why we cover upto 3 under 18's absolutely free per insured adult! These discounted rates will hopefully give you that little bit extra to spend on that long awaited holiday.

Our definition of family and couple is not only limited to married couple and biological children. Our discounted family policies also cover, adopted and fostered children aswell as same sex and unmarried couples*

*Who have been living with each other for more than 6 months