Cheap Airport Parking London City

London City parking can cost a small fortune, for those who turn up the London City Short Stay car park charges forty five pounds a day and the main stay car park isn’t much better with rates at forty pounds per day. By pre-booking you can save over thirty five percent on the London City main stay car park and almost the same amount on the airports short stay. A great saving when you consider how much each car park charges per day.

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Why is London City Airport Parking so Expensive?

This is simply due to the airports location. With the London City airport being based so close to the centre of London there isn’t much available free land to be used for car parking, this means just the two official London city airport car parks are available and both with limited spaces. Some travellers have commented that it is cheaper to travel and park at either Stansted or Luton and use a budget airline then simply parking at London City airport.

London City Airport Information

Found just opposite the London Regatta Centre in Newham to the east of the London city center, London City airport was developed in 1986 and due to the location there are stringent rules on noise levels from aircraft and this limits the aircraft types which can be used from this location. Unlike most airports London City Airport is at its busiest during the winter months with ski travellers heading to destinations such as Zurich, Geneva and Milan to participate in winter sports activities.

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