Cheap Airport Parking Park and Ride

With park and ride airport parking you head to the car park and are required to catch a bus to the airport terminal. Park and rides are always cheaper then the official short stay car parks where you can walk to the terminal but you do have the additional hassle and extra time of not only transferring on the bus, but waiting for the next available bus, something many travellers forget to take into account when arriving at their chosen car park.

Park and rides can be both on and off airport, with most longs stays offering a bus transfer to the terminal. As the car parks vary hugely in distances from the airports, transfers can take anywhere from five to twenty five minutes and these are highlighted in our comparison service to help you make the best choice to suit your needs.

Prices at airports such as Manchester and Liverpool park and rides have reached a record low recently (at time of printing) with a weeks parking at Manchester at just sixteen pounds.

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