Jet Ski Insurance

A Jet Ski, is a water jet driven craft designed to carry between one and four people. Although used on water this is still classed as a vehicle and as such can be stolen, be involved in an accident and also catch fire.

Jet Ski Insurance is a must for any Jet Ski owner. There is always a risk of theft or accidents. 

Most launch sites will ask for Third Party Liability Insurance. As Jet Skis are used in open water where swimmers can be and other Jet ski riders the risk of accident is always present.

Third Party Liability Insurance - Will cover you if you cause damage to another Jet Ski, someone's property or if you cause injury to another person.

Comprehensive Insurance - This will cover your Jet Ski for accidental damage, theft, fire and vandalism, plus third party liability risks.

Just some of the great boat insurance brands included

Assistinsurance Insure4boats Topsail