Car Insurance: Help & Hints

Cut Your Costs

Car insurance can prove to be expensive if you don't go about it the right way. Here are some helpful tips and hints on how to save your hard-earned cash when it comes to using

  • Cut Extra Cover: Skip add-ons like breakdown and car keys cover to save cash. Sometimes it's cheaper to pay these costs directly.
  • Raise Your Excess: Boost your voluntary excess to lower premiums, but keep it affordable.
  • Go Telematics: Young or new drivers can snag lower rates with black box insurance by proving safe driving habits.
  • Skip Auto-Renew: Don't auto-renew your policy. Shopping around could find you a better deal.
  • Pay Annually: Paying for your policy in one go can be cheaper than monthly installments.
  • Update Your Insurer: Tell your insurer about job changes or reduced driving for potential savings.
  • Off-Road Parking: Parking in a garage or driveway lowers your risk and can reduce your insurance cost.
  • Build No-Claims Discount: Avoid small claims to increase your no-claims discount, reducing future premiums.
  • Tweak Your Job Description: Some professions are deemed safer than others, so pick your profession wisely - obviously, it has to be legit or your insurance won't be worth anything. but there's room to manoeuvre with your job title to save you money.
  • Avoid Car Mods: Modifications can hike up your insurance costs. Keep your car as is for lower rates.
  • Choose Lower Insurance Group Cars: Opt for cars in lower insurance groups for significant savings on premiums.
  • Install Security Features: Adding an alarm, immobiliser, or dash cam can lead to cheaper insurance.
  • Comprehensive Over Third-Party: Young drivers could save by choosing comprehensive cover, as it's often cheaper than third-party.
  • Add a Named Driver: Including a parent or experienced driver on your policy can help cut costs.

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