Cheap Car Insurance for Women

In the past, it has been the case that car insurance premiums were cheaper for women than men due to statistics showing that men are more likely to be involved in accidents than women. They are also more likely to make large claims. This data was used by insurers to assess risk, resulting in lower costs (on average) for female drivers.

However, this has not been the case since 2012. The European Court of Justice ruled against this as a form of discrimination and banned the practice. So now, insurers can't offer different rates for insurance based solely on gender - other factors like age, experience, vehicle, and others are all considered.

If women on average continue to engage in safer driving behaviours or choose cars that are cheaper to insure, they might still end up paying less for car insurance, but not directly because of their gender. Here at we offer insurance for everyone, and at affordable prices. Simple click here and fill out a quote - we'll try our best to save you money on your car insurance!

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