Cheap Sports Car Insurance

How is sports car insurance different?

Sports car insurance, similar to standard car insurance, offers specialised coverage tailored for high-performance vehicles like the Audi TT or Porsche 911. These policies give you the extra protection needed for cars designed for speed and exhilaration. However, due to their powerful engines, sleek designs, and higher value, sports cars carry a greater risk of collisions, vandalism, and theft. Consequently, insuring a sports car typically incurs higher premiums to offset these increased risks.

How do you define a sports car?

There's no official definition for what defines a 'sports car', although insurers generally classify them as cars designed for high performance. This usually means they're built to be lighter and quicker than standard cars, with bigger engines, advanced technology, and better manoeuvrability at high speeds. The more powerful and valuable the car, the higher the insurance group it’s in and the more expensive your premium will be.

How do I get my premium down?

  • Install additional security
  • Join an owners club
  • Install a GPS tracker
  • Park in a secure location
  • Limit your mileage
  • Pay a higher voluntary excess

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