Cheap Wedding Event Insurance

Venue owners will often request proof of public liability insurance from the organisers of the wedding, be that an outsourced provider or the engaged couple. It’s useful to consider, even if it’s not required, so that you don’t find yourself any more out-of-pocket after paying for your big day.

Public liability insurance protects you against legal claims against you for the injury of another person during the wedding, and for damage which might be caused to the venue or property which isn’t yours. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is worrying about what future financial difficulties might come your way, so considering event insurance is crucial.

Here at, we can put you in touch with public liability providers who are happy to cover your event, big or small. We can help take the stress out of organising by streamlining the process for you, and giving you cost-effective options to suit your budget. Click here to get started!

Just some of the great events insurance brands included

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