Cheap Contents Only Insurance

Contents insurance is a type of home insurance which protects the possessions in your household if they’re destroyed, damaged or stolen. Your insurance policy would help you cover the cost of repair or replacement if this happens. Depending on the claimable events outlined by your provider, there’s usually cover for fire, flood, storms, theft, and even water leaks. It’s worth noting though, that things like general wear and tear and improper maintenance wouldn’t typically be covered. The items you’re able to insure are the ones which aren’t part of the building’s structure - so for example furniture, clothes, jewellery, tools, appliances, and rugs.

If you’re a homeowner, you can combine contents only insurance with your building insurance to create a more comprehensive home insurance policy. However if you’re renting a home, living in a house share, or in student accommodation, you can protect personal belongings of your own with a contents only insurance policy. Worrying about building insurance isn’t your responsibility, as the landlord should have insurance themselves.

It’s always beneficial to remember that not all policies cover all eventualities, so check the insurer’s policy documents to see what’s covered. When you get a quote, it's also important to make sure you’re accurate about the monetary value of your belongings.

What is counted as ‘contents’?

When it comes to understanding what counts as contents rather than building, an easy way to work it out is to imagine your home has been turned upside down - what would fall to the ceiling? It's all of those things you need to include when you get a quote.

You would typically include items like freestanding furniture, curtains, carpets, ornaments, jewellery, TVs, and other gadgets.

You would exclude fitted units and cupboards, light fittings, fixed mirrors, and laminate flooring.

Hallways & Storage Spaces

Carpets and curtains

Freestanding furniture


Freestanding lighting


Beds and wardrobes



✘ Fitted wardrobes


Towels and linen

Freestanding storage

✘ Toilets, baths, showers and sinks

✘ Heated towel rails

Dining & Reception Rooms

 Tables and chairs


 Throws and cushions

✘ Freestanding lighting and lampshades

Kitchen & Utility Rooms

 Freestanding appliances

 Plates, cutlery, pots and pans

✘ Kitchen units

✘ Fitted/built-in appliances

Gardens, Garages & Outbuildings

 Tools and lawnmowers

 Children’s toys

✘ Permanent outbuildings

✘ Fixed children’s play equipment


When it comes to getting home insurance, whether it’s just the building, just your contents, or a combination of both, can help. We’ll compare over 50 home insurance providers to find you the deal you’re looking for, so that you’ve got peace of mind your home is protected. Click here to get a quote now!

Just some of the great home insurance brands included

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