Critical Illness Term Life Insurance

Critical Illness cover can be either found as an addition to, or combined with, a life insurance policy. Critical Illness cover can protect individuals or couples, when you are diagnosed with a serious illness depending on the policy you choose. This lump sum protection could be used against mortgage repayments, household bills etc.

Insurers will consider your age, occupation, lifestyle as well as your current health and medical history before offering this cover. Insurers may not offer cover due to pre existing medical conditions or the premium may be greater, though it is important you fully disclose all details, as insurers may refuse to cover any future claims.

With any insurance you will have to consider how dependable your loved one is on your income, remaining debts, including mortgages and how much you can afford to pay out monthly for cover.

Terminal illness is something different and can often be found on policies, this will commonly result in the policies maturing and paying out. It is always important to read the small print, when understanding what each policy covers.

Just some of the great life insurance brands included

Oakland Associates Euniisure Heath Essentialinsurance

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