Public Liability Insurance For Cakemakers

Running a cake business, whether as a hobby or professionally, might mean you need insurance to manage risks. If you have a physical shop, public liability insurance is indispensable, protecting against claims from third parties for injuries or property damage occurring on your premises, separate from product-related issues. Moreover, operating a cake business often involves using various types of equipment, and breakdowns can lead to unexpected costs.

Selling a food product also exposes you to other liabilities, especially if a customer gets sick or a cake is damaged during delivery. This is where you might want to consider product liability insurance, to cover claims related to food safety or allergic reactions. For example, if a customer claims food poisoning from your cake, this insurance would likely cover the resulting costs, treating the incident as due to a 'faulty product.'

Choosing the right insurance makes it easier to resolve issues, safeguarding your finances and reputation. Whether you’re a solo baker in your home kitchen or run a busy cake shop with employees, having proper cover in place helps you handle everything from legal claims to equipment failures, so your business remains as delightful as your desserts.

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Just some of the great public liability insurance brands included

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