Public Liability For Childminders

Working as a childminder, nanny, or au pair can be incredibly rewarding, but it does come with significant responsibilities, especially regarding the safety of children in your care. If a child is injured or a third party’s property is damaged under your supervision, you could face liability claims from the parents. Childminder, or nanny, insurance can be crucial in these situations, covering not only potential legal costs and compensation for bodily injuries but also for damage to personal belongings.

Childcare professionals employed by nurseries or daycare centres typically benefit from their employer’s public liability insurance. However, self-employed nannies or childminders need their own insurance to protect against legal costs and claims. This cover is essential to consider, whether you work in your own space or in the child’s home, giving you peace of mind and financial security against claims that might arise due to accidents or perceived negligence.

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Just some of the great public liability insurance brands included

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