Adventure Travel Activities Covered

For some, going on holiday is a chance to do absolutely nothing for a week straight. For others, it's about packing in activities and experiencing as much as you can. Most travel insurance policies include cover for things like banana boating, cycling, and hiking to certain heights, but if you want something a bit more specialist you'll need to declare it on your quote, and potentially pay a small additional premium.


How do I know what activities I'm covered for?

The Policy Wording of the insurance you choose will include a list of sports and activities which are covered as standard. It's up to you to check, and bear in mind that some activities will include restrictions or exclusions surround heights, distance, and other factors.

Insurance is there to protect yourself and your loved ones against unexpected issues while you're on your trip. If you plan on taking part in an activity, you'll need to declare it so that you can be properly covered. Here at, we give you access to Policy Wordings before the point of purchase, so that you can make sure that the activity you intend on doing is covered.


Winter Sports Cover

Winter sports cover is an extra layer of cover specifically for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, husky dog sledding, ice skating, and snow shoe walking. It applies in addition to what's already covered under your policy, due to the high levels of injuries which are common while taking part. Usually an additional premium is applied for this cover, so make sure you declare it on your quote.


Golf Cover

A golf holiday is all about enjoying the sport, the weather, the course, and the company. Although you're covered as standard to play golf on most policies, for your equipment or green fees, you'll need to add golf cover to your policy. Some policies even include cover for a hole-in-one, in the event you end up buying a round for the club!

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