Van Insurance: Help & Hints

When you’re looking for van insurance, make sure you’re completely honest about what you’re using your van for. Leaving out important information, using inaccurate information, and misleading your insurer can significantly impact the choices they make about covering your vehicle. This might lead to higher claims, or claims being rejected, which will increase next year’s premiums.

We’ve put together a list of ways which might help to reduce your van insurance, be this for commercial or personal use:

  • Choose the right van size for its purpose. Smaller vans are cheaper to insure, so avoid unnecessary costs by staying within your business means.
  • Alarms, immobilisers, trackers, and secure parking can reduce premiums by enhancing the security of your van.
  • Compare the insurance types. Comprehensive cover isn’t always more expensive than third-party, so do your research. Check out the levels of insurance here.
  • Accurately describe your job and van usage - certain policies are cheaper for non-commercial use.
  • Consider a black box (telematics) policy. Proving you’re a safe van driver could significantly reduce your premium.
  • Keep your van standard and avoid modifications to prevent increased insurance costs.
  • Don't opt for add-ons or extras you don't need - look into bundled cover including things like breakdown or foreign cover.
  • Limit your mileage. Driving less can lower your premium, but make sure you’re accurate about mileage estimates.
  • When you’re asked about your voluntary excess, the higher you set it, the more you can reduce your premium. Make sure that it’s still an amount you can afford, though!
  • Building and maintaining a No Claims Discount can significantly reduce premiums over time.
  • Paying your premium annually might feel more expensive at the time, but in the long run you will avoid higher monthly payments.
  • Insuring multiple vans together might offer savings and simplify management.
  • Adding experienced drivers to your policy can lower costs, but adding younger or riskier drivers has the opposite effect.
  • Advertising your business and putting signage on your van can deter thieves and aid in its recovery if stolen. From an insurer perspective, any reduction in the chances of theft might lower your costs.

And of course, give a comparison engine a try! can help you find cost-effective van insurance by comparing multiple insurance providers in one place. Click here to give it a go, and get your van protected.

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