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Home Insurance FAQ

Q: What is Home Insurance?

A: Home Insurance is insurance cover for your home and its contents. Home insurance covers damage from incidents such as natural disasters, fire, theft, and vandalism to your home and normally covers similar problems for secondary buildings like your garage or shed. Home Insurance is also for the contents of your home, ie funds should be made available so you can replace any personal belongings affected by crime, accidents or disaster. Home Insurance should cover your living expenses if your house becomes temporarily unusable, for example due to flooding. Home Insurance Cover normally starts immediately once your payment is accepted and authorised.

Q: What Are Contents and Buildings Insurance?

A: Contents insurance and buildings insurance are the two main types of Home Insurance. Contents insurance covers your possessions during a burglary or accidental damage is caused. Buildings insurance covers the actual physical property - bricks, doors, roof, windows, drives, patios and the general structure against disasters and accidental damage. Satellite dishes and aerials are an extension of your TV and so are normally covered via your contents insurance.

Q: Do I Need It?

A: Building Societies and other mortgage lenders usually insist you take out buildings insurance or they wont lend you money. It's also advisable and offers security and peace of mind, your home normally being the major financial investment anyone makes in their life. Contents insurance is not compulsory and lenders won't insist on it as a rule but if you consider how much your possessions are worth often an astonishing amount when you tot it up - it is definitely advisable and most policies offer good value for money. Always shop around and remember your mortage lender is unlikely to offer the best deal. If you are in rented accommodation check with your landlord who is responsible for the insurance.


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