Pet Insurance: Help & Hints

Pet Insurance is an insurance policy that covers your household pets and is mainly used for cats and dogs. Most pet insurance offers to pay the veterinary costs if your pet is ill or has an accident. Pet insurance can also cover other expenses such as emergency kennelling costs, theft, travel and even death.

When purchasing your pet insurance policy it is essential to check the points listed below:

  • What is the maximum amount that will be paid out if your pet is ill or injured? Is this per year or per condition?
  • Does the policy last for the lifetime of your pet? Some companies may stop insuring when your pet gets older.
  • Will long term conditions be covered for life, or, will exclusions be placed after a year?
  • Do pet's premiums rise if claims are made?
  • What is included, would you like cover for referral to veterinary specialists, dental work, behaviour therapy, special diets etc.

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