Cheap Pet Insurance Pug Dog

The pug is a breed of sturdy, compact toy dog that became popular in England during the 19th century. It stands about 11 in. (27.9 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 14 to 18 lb (6.4–8.2 kg). It has a short, smooth, glossy coat that is either silver or apricot fawn in colour with black mask and ears.

As is true of most toy dogs that have short faces and tails curled tightly over their backs, the pug probably originated in China. Traders of the Dutch East India Company brought specimens of the breed back to Holland from Southeast Asia and later introduced them into England, where they quickly became fashionable with the nobility. Today the pug is raised as a watchdog and pet.

A flat, wrinkled face, compact body, and curled tail characterize the Pug’s appearance. Pugs come in four colour variations. Those being: fawn with black mask and ears, entirely black, silver, or apricot. The silver or apricot-fawn colours should be decided so as to make the contrast complete between the colour and the trace and the mask.

The Pug is a very sociable dog, as well as being quite stubborn. The Pug is popular as a house pet, as it requires little exercise and is easy to groom, although they shed substantially more than other dogs of similar size. They are also compatible with most children and other animals.

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