Cheap Pet Insurance Australian Silky Terrier Dog

The Australian silky terrier is compact, moderately low set, and of medium length with a refined structure but has sufficient substance to suggest the hunting ability to kill rodents. The parted, straight silky hair helps give a well-groomed appearance.

This animal’s height should be in the range of 23 to 26 cms (9 to 10 ins) in the males and in the females it should be slightly less.

This breed should display Terrier characteristics, embodying keen alertness, activity and soundness.

It has a body that should be moderately long in proportion to the height of the dog. Level topline at all times (both standing and moving). A set of well sprung ribs extending back to strong loins and a chest of moderate depth and breadth.

The Australian silky terriers coat is flat, fine and glossy and has a silky texture. The length of coat should not be so long as to impede the dog's action and should allow daylight to be seen under the dog.

This breed of dog comes in all shades of blue and tan, the richer these colours and more clearly defined the better. Some dogs do come in a silver and white but these are not acceptable at show level. Blue on the tail is usually very dark. Silver blue or fawn topknot desirable.

Distribution of blue and tan is usually as follows: tan around the base of the ears, muzzle and on the sides of the cheeks; blue from the base of the skull to tip of tail, running down the forelegs to near the knees and down the thighs to the hocks; tan line showing down the stifles and from the knees and hocks to the toes. The blue body colour should be free from tan or bronzing.

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