Cheap Pet Insurance Bengal Cat

At the very simplest level, Bengal cats come in two different patterns and two different background colours. The pattern is either spotted or marbled, and the background colour is either brown or white. White Bengals are referred to as 'snow's. Simply put there are therefore, four main types of Bengal:

Brown spotted, snow spotted, brown marbeled, snow marbeled.

In general, spotted Bengals are more common than marbled ones, and brown Bengals are more common than snows; so most Bengals are brown and spotty and good snow marbles are quite rare. Within these four main appearances there are various other possible other differences, one of which is formally written into the GCCF Bengal breed standard for the UK, that being the difference between snows with blue eyes and snows with any other coloured eyes. In the UK there are therefore officially 6 types of Bengal - The Brown (Black) Spotted , the Brown (Black) Marbled, the Blue-Eyed Snow Spotted, the Blue-Eyed Snow Marbled, the AOC-Eyed Snow Spotted and finally the AOC-Eyed Snow Marbled!

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