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The ideal Burmese is a small to medium sized cat with a muscular frame, heavier than it looks, and a straight back. The Burmese is not as long and slender as the Siamese, nor as heavily boned as the British Shorthair. Their paws are neat and oval shaped with slender legs and neck, which give the Burmese a distinctive elegant look. The tail is medium in length, with a slight taper to a rounded tip

The most characteristic feature of the Burmese is their amazing coats. Their coats are short, fine, sleek and glossy, lying close to the body, and satin-like in feel and texture. Their coats are easy to care for, a simple pat is often enough to groom it.

A Burmese cat is a wonderful companion and makes an excellent pet. They adapt well in large, noisy households becoming part of the family. They are an intelligent breed with a boisterous, lively and alert nature. They are also individual, playful, fun loving, and even tempered. Burmese thrive on company, both adult, children and other pets alike. Often dubbed the "dog of the cat world", Burmese are extremely people-oriented. Their personalities are almost dog-like in a tendency to shadow their owners and in a desire to give and receive affection. They are interested in everything their humans do, and will often help with all the tasks. Most enthusiasts say that the most outstanding feature of the Burmese cat is its affectionate nature. You can be guaranteed a loving welcome when you share your life with a Burmese.

The Burmese cat has ten main recognised colours in the United Kingdom and Europe. These six are fully coloured, The original brown (rich brown mahogany colour), chocolate (light cream chocolate-coloured), blue (steel grey), lilac (light dove-grey), red (mandarin-coloured) and cream (very light warm red). Besides these full colours, there are four tortieshell colours, which are mixes of the full colours, Seal tortieshell (brown with red), chocolate tortieshell (chocolate with red), blue tortieshell (blue with cream) and finally, lilac tortieshell (lilac with cream)

American Burmese are commonly bred in two types: traditional and contemporary, with the latter being a more rounded look. They are only accepted in the traditional four colours of sable, champagne, platinum, and blue. All Burmese have wonderful large oval, lustrous eyes which can range from chartreuse to gold-yellow.

The Burmese is a foreign shorthair, categorised by colour into brown (or seal), blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and tortoise shell. They have yellow eyes and a very short satiny coat. They are heavier than they look, as they are very muscular. By the standards of pedigreed cats they are long-lived, many reaching 16 to 18 years.

Burmese have very strong voices and are very affectionate, forming a strong bond with their owners. Other characteristics include an inclination to climb curtains and sit on doors. They are also territorial and may hiss at uninvited guests, though are social when neutered. They are athletic, brave and humourous, and may show remarkable ingenuity, particularly in finding warm places.

From as early as the 15th Century brown cats lived in the Buddhist temples of Burma. The Thai Cat Book of Poems includes copper-colored “Thong Daeng” cats, which are perhaps ancient Burmese. However the Burmese was only recognized as a distinct breed in the early 1930s. A Dr Joseph Tompson imported a brown female known as Wong Mau to a Seal Point Siamese and then mated the off-spring back to the mother. One of the resulting kittens was dark brown with minimal pointing and this was known as the first true Burmese.

American and European standards for the breed differ in that the American breed emphasises roundness, the European breed is more oriental in appearance. One of the main differences between the American and European Burmese is the acceptance of variations in coloring. Four colors only are recognized by the CFA, these are sable, champagne, blue and platinum. The European Burmese is accepted in 10 colours.

The Burmese is a medium-sized cat that is muscular and compact in built and often described as “bricks wrapped in silk”. Its coat is short and fine with satin-like texture and a glossy shine. The head is round with wide-set eyes, which are golden or yellow in color. Its medium sized ears are widely spaced and are slightly rounded.

A female Burmese will come into her first heat about 7 months and can produce 5 kittens. The kitten’s coat will be coffee-colored, which will then darken. The Burmese has a long live span and can live to about eighteen years old. Because of high inbreeding, however, some kittens are born with inherited deformity of the skull.

The Burmese is an affectionate, intelligent and lovable breed of cat that desires attention and praise. They love people, so don’t be surprised to find them on peoples laps or beds. They are also good with children and will tolerate dogs. The energy and playfulness that is seen in the Burmese kittens is carried through to adulthood. The Burmese cat is full of energy and loves to be involved in household activities. Often described as dog-like, the Burmese may be trained to fetch, walk on a leash and respond to your call. Some Burmese actually enjoy travelling in a car and enjoy looking out the window. With their beautiful eyes and loving manner many owners believe the Burmese to be addictive. You may find yourself purchasing more than one Burmese cat!

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