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Welsh Springer Spaniels are an ancient breed of distinct type. Red and White in Color they are striking in appearance! Their beauty is undeniable. They are a separate and distinct variety of the great land spaniel family. Having a strong scenting ability, energy and stamina, these things contribute to their becoming excellent hunting dogs. Welsh are what I call "velcro dogs" as they never want to be far from your side and their devotion never wavers. Intelligent to the point of being genius they can outsmart you if your not careful. Excellent with children is an understatement! They require a exercise. training and regular grooming.

The males make the best pets in my opinion as they are more laid back than the females usually. Not to say the females won't be excellent pets just more of a challenge.

Living with a Welshie you get the benefit of a loyal full time companion

Opinions differ on the length of time that the Welsh Springer Spaniel has been designated as a pure breed. Some theories trace the breed back to the Celts and their settling of Wales and other parts of the British Isles. Others state the breed is a mixture of the British Spaniel breeds and did not become standardized until the late 1800s, at approximately the same time the other Spaniel breeds were being categorized in Great Britain.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1956.

The combination of proper angulation, fore and aft, with the level topline presents a rectangular silhouette. The length of the body, from the withers to the base of the tail, is only slightly greater than the distance from the withers to the ground. Body length may be the same as the height, but never shorter.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an appealing and manageable size. Its structure indicates that it is built for hard work and endurance, exhibiting substance while never appearing coarse. It is compact and not leggy, indicating endurance and the ability to work hard.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a distinct variety from other breeds. Its name is derived from its hunting style. Its coat is thick enough to protect him from adverse hunting conditions, but never excessive enough to hinder his work.

The breed is active, with a loyal and affectionate temperament, making it an ideal part of the family as well as an excellent hunting companion. They may be reserved with strangers, but never to the point of being excessively shy or vicious.

The naturally straight, flat coat is soft to the touch but dense enough to be waterproof, thorn proof and weatherproof. There is moderate feathering on the back of the forelegs, above the hocks, and on the chest and underside of the body. There is light feathering on the ears and tail. Excessive coat, which would be a hindrance in the field, is discouraged. Sculpting and obvious scissoring are not allowed. Show ring presentation should always be natural and unaltered.

The only acceptable colors are rich red and white. Any color pattern is permitted. Red ticking in any of the white areas is acceptable.

Ideal heights, measured at the withers, are: dogs, 18 to 19 inches; bitches, 17 to 18 inches. Individuals are to be penalized in proportion to the degree of deviation from the ideal heights.

Weight is in proportion to the height and overall balance of the individual.

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