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The historical age of this firm race of dogs from English cannot be established with emergency. Many indications on the existence of the pointer of old dates are found in Italy and Spain. Numerous pointer Italian of the baroque and the rinascimento they are reproduced on burlaps of Italian masters then. Reasons of hunting and natures dead women represent dogs that rassomigliano to the pointer. At the beginning of 18° the century an English aristocrat imported from Spain an animal of this race and towards 1800, in the English and Scottish feudali dominions, various breedings of this dog from hunting existed all temperament. English, than well-known are the great masters for the breeding of the race dogs, with going of the years have transformed considerably the heavy shape of pointer the Spanish one. Nobilities, temperament and elegance are the features distinguished you of the type put into effect them. The speed, the perseveranza and the particular passion for the hunting of it make a dog from firm ideal.

Character and usefullness: Dog from full hunting of vitalità and perseveranza, with extraordinary qualities of fiuto. Snidare and to stop the game from piuma is its specialties that preassign it to having a hunter like landladies.

Hair and color: The shining fur is of soft and short hair. And punctuated tawny, yellow or black the mantle is white man with piastroni; the ink can be united, yellow, tawny or black.

Type and stature: From the noble and harmonious general aspect, of rectangular shape mediocrely lengthened. The head is relatively wide on the frontal part; the rectangular jaw is long, vigorous and deep. The bone occipita them is prospiciente much, the depression fronto-nasal is pronounced, the nasal cane is straight, the snout is wide and camuso. The eyes are dark and the ears, than are not hung too much low, are of medium length and very adherent to cheeks. The neck is gracefully arched, muscoloso and dry. The chest is much deep one. The back is vigorous, solid and not too much short. The extremities, strongly skeleton, very are guarnite of framed well muscles and. The tail, of medium length, does not have incurvata and it does not have to be too much high capacity.

The stature of the varied male from 58 to 63 centimeters; that one of the female from 53 to 58 centimeters.

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