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The Field Spaniel is a moderately-sized spaniel, slightly heavier and longer in body than the Cocker. The silky coat is generally a solid color, either liver or black. Some dogs have tan markings, and some are roan (speckled). A little bit of white in the chest area is permitted. The legs, chest, ears, tail and undersides are abundantly feathered, but never curled. Its muzzle is regular, neither too wide nor too pointed. The nose is large, with very open nostrils. The almond-shaped eyes are either hazel or chestnut brown with a serious, gentle and noble expression. Below the eyes it is lean and thin (this is an important characteristic for show dogs). The neck is strong and muscular. The moderately long, broad, fringed ears are pendant and the tail is docked.

The Field Spaniel has one of the best personalities of the Spaniels. It is very independent in nature, but mild mannered, sweet and affectionate. Smart and playful. Active and vigorous. It makes an excellent family member as long as it is given regular exercise. It is especially known for its docile nature. Socialize this breed well when the dog is still young to avoid excessive timidity and to prevent problems with other dogs later in life. Very friendly, this breed loves everyone, although some have been known to be a little reserved with strangers. Field Spaniels like to roam. They are good with other dogs, animals and excellent with children, but if play becomes too rough, the dog will become withdrawn. Make sure your Field Spaniel is not pestered by children. They can be a bit stubborn and temperamental, but they are, overall, very calm dogs. Field Spaniels are happiest when they have a job to do. They are quick to learn and react very strongly to your voice. They should be trained with a kind but consistent manner. This dog has a sensitive nature and harsh words and a tough approach will greatly disturb it. It is said that they have the tendency to become devoted to one family member and ignore others. These dogs need regular contact with people and become extremely neurotic if locked away in a kennel.

The Field Spaniel is not recommended for apartment life. They are moderately active indoors and do best with at least a large yard. Because these dogs do have deeply rooted hunting instincts, it is essential to have a good fence surrounding your property, as otherwise they are likely to take off after any interesting scent. Do not lock this breed away in a kennel or it will become extremely neurotic. This breed prefers cool climates.

The Field Spaniel is primarily a working field dog which means that it really needs lots of exercise, and a sporty family suites it best. It will be happiest when given a chance to run and explore. But be aware that the Field Spaniel likes to follow its nose. It will however, adapt effortlessly to the family situation. Its needs can be met with long walks on a leash.

The Field Spaniel is descended though careful breeding of the English Cocker Spaniel. The Field Spaniel's country of origin is England. The breed was almost ruined by poor selection practices during the last 1800's, when breeders greatly exaggerated the dog's length and weight. By the 1920's however, breeders had returned to moderation, In spite of this the breed has remained rare to this day. The Field Spaniel is a fine bird dog, with a very mild disposition. Though he makes a wonderful family companion, the Field Spaniel is very rare in the United States due to the great popularity of the Cocker and Springer Spaniels. Some of the Field Spaniel's talents are tracking, hunting, retrieving and watchdogging.

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