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The Nebelung is a distinctively elegant cat whose name in German means “creature of the mist” Its coat is shining and soft which gives a luminous misty effect around the body. Description:The Neblung’s most outstanding feature is its coat; medium long, shining and soft, which gives it the misty effect indicated by it name. The coat is an even bright blue throughout with lighter coloured preferred. The guard hairs are silver tipped, giving the coat a lustrous quality. These guard hairs should contrast against the solid blue ground colour when the coat is stroked against the grain. The nose leather is a charcoal grey and the paw pads rose flesh pink. Eye colour is a vividly green as possible at maturity. Nebelung kitten eyes change color rapidly from yellow to green. Cats whose eyes are not completely vivid green will be penalized in show, or will be placed as pets. The head is a modified wedge consisting of seven planes. The ears are rather large with slightly rounded tips. They are set far apart with sparse ear furnishings. The body is foreign in shape, with long, fine boning. It is firm and lithe, with solid weight but no excessive bulk. The tail is long and straight with lots of long, silky hair.


Combining long silky hair with the elegant Russian Blue body type, the Nebelung breed recreates the Russian longhair. These gorgeous cats were exhibited in the very first British cat shows over one hundred years ago. Today they are a championship breed in the International Cat Association.Although the Russian longhair ceased to exist as a separate breed with the establishment of the modern cat fancy, individual unrelated cats with its traits have appeared in the United States and Russia. Seigfried (born 1984) and Brunhid (born 1985) were the first registered Nebelungs. They produced their first litter in 1986. Shortly after the kittens were born, application was mad to TICA for new breed status (NBC) for the Nebelung. The breed standard was based on the Russian Blue, except for the coat length. In 1987 TICA accepted the Neblungs as longhaired Russian Blues.


The Nebelung is highly intelligent, gentle and loving to its owners and family members, but may shy with strangers, especially young children. A kitten may take time to adjust to its new home. If allowed to make its own advances, it should become a devoted companion. Many Nebelungs are lap sitters and love to be petted. Often they follow their owners form room to room, if allowed, they enjoy sleeping on their owner’s bed.

The breed was created in the early 1980s by Cora Cobb, with the two foundation cats being Elsa, a black domestic shorthaired cat, and an unnamed blue domestic shorthair. The first mating of these two cats produced five black or blue shorthaired kittens as well as Siegfried (born 1984) who was blue with medium long hair. The second mating produced five black or blue shorthaired kittens, as well as a black longhair female and Brunhilde (born 1985), a blue longhaired female. Mrs. Cobb decided to mate Siegfried and Brunhilde, and their first litter was born in 1986. The offspring of Siegfried and Brunhilde were eventually out-crossed to natural Russian Blues in order to replicate the Russian Blue type. Although the Nebelung is sometimes called a longhaired Russian Blue, it is actually a separate breed, as the Russian Blue does not produce longhaired offspring. The Nebelung will produce both longhair and shorthair offspring in the same litter.

The breed was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1987 under the 'new breeds' category. They are not recognized as a breed in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), or most other associations, as they mimic the natural, long established Russian Blue except for coat length.

Nebelung is a German word meaning 'creature of the mist'. These cats are judged in TICA on the same standard as a Russian Blue with the exception of their coat, which is mid-length with a dense plumy tail. They have green eyes, and their fur must be 'blue' tipped with silver.

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