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At the present time, the Munchkin appears to come in every sort of body type, head type and coat length. the only thing these cats have in common is their extremely short legs. Since the "gene pool" is unlimited, there are no clear guidelines as to what type the Munchkin will ultimately resemble. Some Munchkin breeders are mating to Persians, others to Siamese and still others to Abyssinians. At present it is not possible to present a picture of the ultimate type, apart from its distinctivly short legs.

The short legs do not seem to affect its climbing ability, but its jumping ability is limited by the shortness of the hind legs. Due to its lack of jumping abilities the Munchkin can find it very difficult to escape from fights with other animals. A Munchkin should therefore be an indoor only cat.

Since the Munchkin has so many different ancestors, its temperament will depend largely upon which cats are on its pedigree. As with any cat, the conditions under which it is raised and the amount of attention given during kittenhood are also factors in the temperament.

Munchkins have kitten-like personalities, and they keep their kittenish ways all their lives. They are very affectionate and love to be around adults, children, dogs and other cats. They never tire of human company and prefer to be with a companion or two rather than alone.

Munchkins also enjoy the company of other animals and adapt well to most circumstances. They are not aggressive cats, but are very social and out-going. Munchkins are very playful, they love to run, chase, climb and play with toys. When it comes to chasing, their short legs give them an advantage over cats with long legs. Those little legs allow them to scramble faster and corner sharper. They love to scurry after ping pong balls, mice on fishing poles and live bugs, if they get the opportunity.

This is the cat who may well be collecting all your little jewels and nicknacks, just like the Magpie, and hiding them under furniture. They readily accept a harness and leash and seem to enjoy taking their owners for walks.

Being a relatively new registered breed of domestic cat with short legs. The gene responsible for shortening the long bones in the cats legs is a natural mutation. It does not cause any mobility or spinal problems. Munchkins should be a medium sized cat, not appearing to resemble a miniature version of a purebred. Available in long or short hair, and in all colours.

Captivating Munchkins come in all colours and hair lengths. Both varieties have plush, all-weather, resilient coats with a lustrous, silky appearance. The longhair Munchkin has the distinction of sporting a beautiful plumed tail. Eyes are medium large and walnut shaped found in most colours with a deeper, more vivid eye colour preferred.

These irresistible cats can do anything other cats can do. Munchkins are able to leap great heights such as counter tops, although many prefer to intelligently find an easier way up. Munchkins movements are described as being like that of a ferret. They can also run extremely fast, despite their short legs.

Munchkins are defiantly exquisite cats full of cat adventurousness that all cat lovers appreciate, fully equipped with personality plus some, palsy-walsy, self-assured, and trainable to walk with a bounce on a leash. With amazement and enjoyment you'll watch these cuddly little cuties accelerate taking corners like small sports cars ducking under house hold objects. They can be taught to play fetch and to zestfully obey voice commands. The Munchkin is sociable and enjoys company. Friendly and self-assured the Munchkin gets along well with other cats, dogs, and people.

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