Cheap Pet Insurance Norwegian Forest Cat

Like a small but beautiful version of the lynx, the Norwegian Forest Cat is part of Norway's fauna. For many of us, it is the faerie cat we chance upon while out in the wilderness. Proud - yes, of course - and with a good deal in it that is still wild, yet not aggressive, and quite prepared to be affectionate.

Wegies, Norwegian Forest Cats, skaukatt - all names of that somewhat Maine Coon-like, medium-haired cat from Northern Europe. 'Skaukatt' is the Norwegian word for it, meaning literally Forest Cat. (Pronounce somewhat like scowcat but make the ow more like eow :-) It's not a wildcat, but a breed of the same species as all our domestic cats.

Actually, the official name is Norsk Skogkatt/Norwegian Forest Cat/Norwegische Waldkatze/Chat des Bois Norvegien. That is, these are the names in the three official FIFe languages. In the following, the abbreviation NFO is used for this breed, it is defined in FIFe's EMS code. You'll find the code at the FIFe EMS page.

Oh, by the way - Noruegako Basoetako Katua is Basque for Norwegian Forest Cat.

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