Cheap Pet Insurance Toyger Cat

Length: Coat is uniformly short except: markings may be slightly but uniformly longer than ground colored fur on body for a sculpted effect; and fur may be longer in the preferred temple and jowl ruff.

The suggestion of more of a ruff is preferred.

Texture/Density: Fur is thick, luxurious and unusually soft, plush, but resilient. At least a sheen of glitter is required; more is preferred.

Glitter: Coat must be at least somewhat glittered; the more the better without undue loss of contrast or whited ground.

Markings shall be virtually black to brown or even tan. Darker markings on rufoused ground is preferred. Markings that are uniformly dark from tip of hair to skin and with similarly dark undercoat are to be highly rufoused. Colored ground should be rich and highly rufoused (except as denoted below for whited ground color), and should be uniform or with only slight darkening toward back. A bright pumpkin ground color with very dark markings is preferred. A gradation of fur pigment from bright outer tip to lighter (but not white) near the skin is acceptable. Gray colored undercoat is acceptable. Whited ground color shall be as uniformly light to virtually white as possible and appears as per pattern requirements below.

All colors next to each other should be as different in value as possible. This difference should be great or high between the tabby markings and the background color, and high between the dorsal orange background ground color and the ventral whited background ground color, and high between the dark ear color and the lighter “thumb print”, and high between the whited ground color of parts of the face and its modifies tabby markings.

The Toyger is a designer cat; a loving, glittered, medium sized, domestic shor thai r companion cat reminiscent of the big cats in pattern, type, confidence and movement. Designed with the experience of active cat ownership in the modern urban setting foremost in mind; this cat must be a uniquely beautiful and engaging companion, willing and mable to thrive in a human centered life. Thus, companionability traits, such as, but not limited to: dependable, quiet temperament; laid-back personality, intelligentand easily trained and handled; good athletic ability; stately movement; excellent health and longevity, are all important and desirable and must be considered an integral part of the breed profile, breeding program and genetic makeup of the Toyger.

Females may be somewhat smaller and less muscular than males and may exhibit no head ruff. Wellmuscled males may lack shoulder to neck definition. Kittens may be slightly longer coated, less r u f o u s e d a n d r a t h e r uncoordinated. Color will vary somewhat in intensity seasonally. Grooming or trimming of excessive ear fur to give a smaller, rounder appearance is acceptable.

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