Cheap Pet Insurance Large Munsterlanders Dog

Large Munsterlanders are well-balanced dogs with a long and dense coat. The dog's head is rather broad, which gives an impression of dignity. Males tend to have larger heads, and more feathering than females. The Large Munsterlander's coat is white with black patches. An all black coat is not desirable. The coat is neither coarse, nor curly. The ears, front and hind legs and the tail of the dog are well feathered.

The dog's ears are round-tipped and hanging close to the head. The heavy-lidded eyes are dark. The dog's feet are strong, and the tail is carried horizontally. The Large Munsterlander has an elegant gait and its whole appearance suggests steady movement and drive.

Temperamentally, the Large Munsterlander is known as a courageous, obedient and intelligent breed. They are highly trainable dogs and make perfect companions and family friends. Large Munsterlanders do not like to be alone and tend to get destructive when left unattended for a long time.

Large Munsterlanders like retrieving and chasing. Lively temperament without being nervous is what is the most important in Large Munsterlanders. Large Munsterlanders are considered to be rather dependable on their humans and are usually unlikely to leave their master out of sight even for a minute.

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