Cheap Pet Insurance Maltese Dog

The Maltese is a toy dog covered from head to foot with an abundance of long, silky, white hair. He is gentle-mannered and affectionate, eager and sprightly in action, and, despite his size, possessed of the vigour needed for the satisfactory companion.

The coat of the Maltese is single, meaning without undercoat. It hangs long, flat, and silky over the sides of the body almost, if not quite, to the ground. The long head-hair may be tied up in a topknot or it may be left hanging. The colour of this breed’s coat is pure white. Light tan or lemon on the ears is permissible in the show ring, but is not always desirable. Its weight should be less than 7 pounds, ideally being 4 to 6 pounds.

Temperament - For all his diminutive size, the Maltese seems to be without fear. His trust and affectionate responsiveness are very appealing. He is among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, yet he is lively and playful as well as vigorous.

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