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The Pixie-Bob is a breed originating in a specific region-the Pacific Northwest, (in Washington State), which also includes British Columbia, Oregon, and Northern to Central California west of the mountains (the Coastal Red Bobcat range). For this reason the Pixie-Bob has been placed, as of May 1, 1998, by TICA into Championship's Category II (Newer Natural Breeds, being found to be a regional breed).

Cats are frequently found within this area having an unusual appearance and personality and are alternately prized and disposed of by the local populace because of the stories surrounding their birth. These are the "Legend CatsTM " (a term trademarked by the Pixie-Bob Founding Board), or cats with a legend or story of having bobcat in their heritage. These cats formed the beginning of and continue to be the foundation of the Pixie-Bob bred. They are "the wild rose, that with careful nurturing cultivation, becomes a new unique and spectacular bloom".

No proof of bobcat heritage has been found in the Legend CatsTM; however, not only do they possess a different personality and appearance separate from the other "barn cats" but when bred to a Pixie-Bob or another Legend CatTM, their offspring verify their legend, i.e.: the kittens will exhibit many more characteristics of the Coastal Red Bobcat, than do the parents. Pixie, the breed's namesake, was produced from just such a mating, (two Legend CatsTM) and were it not for her exotic beauty, the Pixie Bob breed would not exist today.

In the original Pixie-Bob breeding program, only "LegendCatsTM" foundation bloodlines are allowed as outcross; no recognized cat breeds are to be used. There is only one cat (out of over 30 foundation bloodlines) in the entire 14 year original program that is a recognized breed. All of the others in the original program are verified Legend CatsTM found in barns in the Pacific Northwest, coming with unique legends of bobcats breeding with domestics.

There are, however, Legend CatsTM from other parts of the country who possess a markedly different look from those in the Pacific Northwest, but who verify the legend of their specific region. Do we ignore these gifts of nature because they are a little different from the original Pixie-Bob? No, absolutely not. We are in a unique position of being able to take advantage of a virtually unlimited number of new lines. We now have included many of these lines from other parts of the country in the breed as we feel that if bred carefully, with consideration to prevent the loss of Pixie's appearance, these additions can only strengthen the health of this breed.

In the beginning, two of the first "Legend CatsTM" who bred in the Pacific Northwest produced a fabulous kitten who was named Pixie. Today, all cats with original foundation Pixie-Bob bloodlines have Pixie in their heritage. This solitary ancestor was the namesake for the breed and the standard by which each cat was and is still measured. There is a great deal of consistency in Pixie-Bobs who share this ancestor at least twice. It is well known that she imparts a certain phenotype and that Pixie blood definitely changes the appearance of any line. Therefore, it is important that Pixie be present in our long historic pedigrees. How can a cat be called a Pixie-Bob if it does not have Pixie in its heritage?

Many have tried and failed to produce the original coveted Pixie-Bob appearance without Pixie. But without some actual Pixie blood to depend upon for the strong Pixie-Bob traits, it is impossible to have the original "Pixie-Bob" appearance.

After all, this is what makes the original Pixie-Bob so unique: the entire breed was created to resemble one cat: Pixie! And she is the common thread that holds together all the various bloodlines coming together.

It just so happens that Pixie looked very much like a Coastal Red bobcat, verifying to me, that the legend coming with her mother likely has merit.

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