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Returning to existing Literature on these dogs, Philip Sidney, Edward Plantageriet and even Chaucer, the qualities loaron venatorias of these dogs.

Nevertheless, he was the Duke of Marlborough that it selected of a very special way to a type of present Spaniel quite similar to, the very capable one in the hunting of the perdiz and chocha, of which more ahead took the name (in English, chocha says woodcock). Spaniel which they were in the perreras of the Duke had the ears longer than the others, and its layer was white with orange red spots

Successively, the English criadores, starting off exactly of these dogs, definitively continued the selection, fixing the type, and in 1901 the definitive standard is written up.

Quickly, the fame of this likeable dog of hunting, optimal for the sample and the collection, crossed the borders of the British Islands and at the beginning of the present century it already extended quickly by France. Its size, not very great, its likeable and jovial character, its pleasant aspect - in addition, naturally, of their good qualities venatorias- contributed of substantial way to their fast affirmation in all the countries of Europe and America.

Today, the Cocker spaniel is one of the dogs more known all and it is not rare that in the more important canine exhibitions, the representation of this race is between most numerous. This notoriety had more to the aspect of the dog and to its affectionate character that to its capacities like hunter, which has had a great influence in the criteria of selection of the criadores, that today, except for few exceptions try to satisfy the exigencies with that a good company in the solitude of the city looks for, who of few hunters.

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